Privacy policy

As of 2018-05-25, a new set of EU regulations called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. The purpose of this document is to describe how we store, process and protect your personal data. When you use our website, or communicate with us a subset of your personal data will be submitted or/and stored. If you have any question please feel free to contact us. This data protection policy applies to our whole website. Our company therefore reserves the right to modify the data protection policy when a new development phase requires it.

Visiting our website: When a client visits our website there is a data exchange. A part of this exchanged data is stored temporally and automatically by our server. This stored data is never forwarded to a third party person or company. The stored data is submitted by the client’s browser and it contains data like: IP address, information about browser, os system, locale etc. This data may vary between different browser types. This data is used only for problem logging purposes and for enhancing the website usability. The personal data is never analyzed and is never exchanged with a third party. This data is automatically deleted by the server after a certain amount of time. Our company is not able to link information to individuals.

Our website uses cookies. The cookies are small files which are saved on your computer’s hard drive. Using cookies increases the usability of the website. The cookies cause no damage to your computer. You can switch off storing the cookies in your browser’s settings. You can delete the previously stored cookies, for this operation please read your browser’s help menu.

Google analytics: Our website uses the Google analytics service in order to track how the users use this website. The Google Analytics implements their service by using cookies. The stored data is sent to Google servers, which processes the data. You can deactivate Google analytics by clicking here. You can read more about this service on this page: here

Our website contains hyperlinks to third party websites. These websites are not owned by our company. The linked websites are checked and they do not contain any illegal content.

It is your right to ask us to provide all the held data about you, and to delete it for your request. You can do it by contacting us.